Say good bye to your unwanted vehicles –
Ferry District offers free passage

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Now through March 15, 2018 the
Fishers Island Ferry District
is offering free travel for any junk cars off the Island

This is a community service effort provided by the Ferry to assist those who may have vehicles that are unregistered and/or are no longer in working condition and are just stuck on the island.

Here are some ground rules:

  • Free passage includes the tow truck and driver coming from the mainland to pick up your unwanted vehicle. Reservations required.
  • Free passage includes an island vehicle with driver towing or carrying an unwanted vehicle off the island and needing to return. Reservations required.
  • Travel must be coordinated with the Ferry District’s Commercial Reservation Desk by calling 860-442-0165. (Ferry Reservation, vehicle, and driver will be free of charge!)
  • Reservations for paying commercial customers will take priority over unwanted/ junk car reservations.
  • All vehicles will be inspected prior to getting on the ferry for leaking fluids. Leakers will be rejected.
  • Manually pushing a vehicle onto the ferry, or manually pushing a vehicle off, is not allowed.
  • Unwanted vehicles may not be left at either Ferry Terminal unattended.

Please take advantage of this opportunity and let’s get rid of our Island’s junk vehicles.

Contact for removal information:

David Banks
Vintage Iron
(860) 857-6076

Joe Perry
(401) 741-5252

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