Robert H. Goodwin

Fishers Island Waste Management: 

Member: Fishers Island Yacht Club

When did you first arrive on Island/how did you get here?

My first time on Fishers Island was in early June of 2012. Karen and I came to explore the island to see if it might be a place she would like to work and we would like to live. I knew nothing about the island that wasn’t on a navigation chart, other than the currents were wicked! We arrived too late in New London to get breakfast so we hopped the ferry deciding to have lunch on the Island. We followed the road to the guard shack and were told that was as far as we could go. We turned back deciding now was a good time to eat. Hungry we drove up the News Café. Oh no, its closed! Let’s look for another place….There, a sign that says restaurant. Oh no, that one doesn’t open until after the ferry leaves! I remember driving by a grocery store….That’s closed too! I saw someone going into the museum. Let’s go in and ask where we can get some food….Two hours later we left the Museum in a mad rush to catch the last ferry, still very hungry but now knowing the complete history of the island! We had just backed onto the ferry and Karen asked “Well what do you think?” “Hmmm”, I said, “It seems like our kind of place”. “Now I’m going up top to see if the bar is open yet”…

What are your favorite things to do on Fishers?
We love to sail and enjoy nature. It is the perfect place to have a boat and the abundance of trails and beaches just out your door make this a wonderful place to be.

What does Fishers mean to you?
The people of the island are its true treasure. We have met so many people who have become not just acquaintances but friends. The Island is still in that special time where you know your neighbors and you don’t have to lock your door at night. 

About your job/store/business/non-profit:
I am the current owner of the family business – Goodwin Bradley Pattern Co. Inc. of Providence RI. We are celebrating our 104th year in 2016. We manufacture tooling for the aerospace industry to make various types of rubber seals, tooling for the metal casting industry, and various machined parts for customers ranging from automotive to under-sea exploration.

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