Recreational Path Foundation: 2017 Holiday Update

December 1, 2017

Dear Friends of the Rec Path,

The Rec Path Foundation is delighted to report that we are working closely with ICB President Tom O’Neil and the Island Community Board (ICB) to encourage Louisa Evans and her Southold town board members to support our efforts to build an extension to the Path along the Navy yard. So far, Scott Russell, the town supervisor, has offered only to stripe the existing road. Our board believes that the existing road is too narrow and therefore too unsafe to accept just striping. We seek a Path with a berm that is a buffer to this stretch of road.  Please let Tom O’Neil and Louisa Evans know of your appreciation for their efforts.

The existing Path continues to enjoy widespread usage by pedestrians and cyclists, and an extension would be a great complement. Right now competition between cyclists and pedestrians with cars and trucks is posing safety concerns that could be alleviated by the extension of the Path.

At this time the Path Foundation has $315,000.00 in the account. General maintenance, insurance, and administration expenses were $40,000.00 this past year. The increase in costs was due to storm damage to the bridges as well extensive tree removals and tarmac repairs. We much appreciate the diligent efforts of Courtney Allan, our new head of maintenance, who is doing an excellent job for us. If the town eventually agrees to a path extension, we expect we will need to raise approximately $500000. However, a serious money raising campaign will only be launched if we get the approval and hopefully some financial assistance. We will keep you posted regarding any progress. Many thanks for your continued support.  Attached please find our annual contribution forms.

We wish you all the best in the New Year.

John McGillian

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