Playing for the Kibbe Cup 2017

Hay Harbor vs. FI Ferry Crew
Wednesday, July 12
6:30 @ the Softball Field

Thank you to everyone who
came to cheer on the players!

The annual softball game between the Hay Harbor staff and Fishers Island Ferry crew is played each July and the winner holds the Kibbe Cup for the year. This tradition began in 1992 when the cup was first presented by Mrs. Kibbe to the Hay Harbor team and has been traded back and forth over the ensuing years. Only once was the game not played, in 2000. She loved the Fishers Island’s softball league and as her family said, “she was a steadfast supporter of the Fishers Island ferry crew at any softball game held on the Island”. In July 2013, Pat Kibbe, at the age of 89, presented the cup to the Ferry crew team. Mrs. Kibbe passed away on July 13, 2014, just before that year’s game was to be played.

2017 was a great game!
The final score was FI Ferry District 19, Hay Harbor Club 15.

Many thanks to Dave Denison for organizing the game and to all the players – the FI Ferry Crew who make the trip over and the Hay Harbor Crew for hosting the dinner on the porch.

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