Pequot Quotathalon Challenge for the Sea Stretcher


Did you have what it takes to race the Pequot staff in our 1.9 mile #quotathalon?

The Challenge: Starting at high noon Thursday, August 31@thepequot. “Bring your bike, your swim trunks and $10 cash for Sea Stretcher donation. Winner gets something. #shortestraceever”

Those that were game met at the Pequot about 11:30 am and were a part of this fun fundraising triathlon! With little to no publicity, this team was able to raise over $150. All proceeds and donations benefit the FI Sea Stretcher!

It went something like this – From the Pequot > run to Dock Beach > swim/wade to the float and back > bike to the ball field > run the bases > bike to the market, around to the yacht club area > then ride to the finish line at the Quot.

According to Sam, “It was Epic!”

Click any image to see a larger version or scroll thru the photos. Photo Credit: JTAhrens

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