Our Lady of Grace Rummage Opening

Mary Ski is shepherding a new generation
of volunteers at OLOG rummage.

Our Lady of Grace Hit or Miss Rummage is a vibrant part of the Fishers Island community serving as a social hub, recycling center, volunteer opportunity, treasure hunt, and fundraiser. Many people engage with the rummage throughout the year donating time and talent to make it a success. After an incredible 20 year run, Mary Ski is stepping down as head of the OLOG Rummage and is training a new set of volunteers to continue in her footsteps.

1st in line for the 2017 season! Click to enlarge image.

Successful operation of the rummage relies on a network of volunteers and processes that Mary has evolved over the years: donation oversight, Wednesday night staging, Friday and Saturday sale hours, Salvation Army donations, ad hoc pick-ups and delivery, and trash removal. The rummage runs smoothly because Mary recognized the power of involving many people to do tasks that in isolation take only a small amount of time. When Mary asked for an hour, it was easy to say yes! Mary took on a large amount of the responsibility herself, however, and it will take several people to fill her shoes. Mary Strunk is stepping up to take on the financial responsibilities; Bernice Auger, Liz Parsons, and Cathy Peishoff will oversee donation activities; Greg and Anne-Marie Thibodeau will continue managing donations to the Salvation Army; Chona Ocaya and the volunteers help sort and display the donations; and Manny Fortin and Mario Torres will continue to serve an important role in keeping the church basement clean and tidy. We will continue the Wednesday night set-up hours (6-8pm) and the sale hours will remain the same from Memorial Day through Columbus Day weekends.

Please thank Mary when you see her, not only for her service but for the fun and camaraderie she has generated and maintained for all these years. And thank you to all of the volunteers who have helped make the OLOG Rummage such a success!

As Mary says, “Community support has been its backbone and Our Lady of Grace is very grateful.”

If you have questions or donations, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Cathy, Bernice, and Liz

Cathy Peishoff, peishoffc@gmail.com, (610) 213-3143
Bernice Auger, berniceauger@hotmail.com, (919) 638-2487
Liz Parsons, epparsons@mac.com, (617) 775-8845


OLOG Hit or Miss Rummage opens for the 2017 season
Memorial Day weekend.

Friday 4:00-6:00 pm & Saturday 10:00 am-12:00 noon

The Rummage is filled with treasures and trinkets!

There may not be a stuffed armadillo to get excited
about but there is so much other great stuff!

Click on any image below and get ready to Rummage!

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