Notice of Public Hearing: Fire District Proposed Budget


            NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Proposed Budget of the Fishers Island Fire District, State of New York, will be presented to the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Fishers Island Fire District, for its consideration.

A PUBLIC HEARING will be held at 5:30 p.m. at the Fishers Island Firehouse, 250 Athol-Crescent Avenue, Fishers Island, New York 06390, in the Town of Southold, State of New York on the 17th day of October 2017.

Pursuant to Town Law §105, the Board of Fire Commissioners must hold a public hearing on the budget, make the proposed budget available to the public prior to the public hearing, allow the public to comment on the budget at the public hearing. This public hearing must be held to allow maximum public participation in the hearing.

The purpose of this hearing is to allow any person to be heard in favor of or against the proposed budget as it is submitted, or for or against any item or items contained in the proposed budget, and hearing all persons interested in the subject concerning same.

That a copy of the proposed budget is available at the Office of the Town Clerk of the Town of Southold at Town Hall 53095 Main Road, Southold, NY 11971 and Fire District Secretary at 250 Athol-Crescent Avenue, Fishers Island, NY 06390 where it may be inspected by any interested person by e-mailing to arrange an appointment.

Dated: September 29, 2017

Board of Fire Commissioners
Fishers Island Fire District
250 Athol-Crescent Avenue
Fishers Island, NY 06390

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