News Update from the Town of Southold

southold SealNEWS FROM THE TOWN OF SOUTHOLD: January 2015

The Town Board recently approved $50,000 of its $74,310 allocation from the Suffolk County Office of Community Development Block Grant funding towards the renovation of the Fishers Island Theatre. Jeffrey Standish, Dept. of Public Works Director and Phillip Beltz, Special Projects Coordinator will work with Lucius Fowler and Gordon Murphy to develop a plan to assist with repairs and renovations to the theatre.

The Southold Economic Development Committee in partnership with the Suffolk County Planning and Economic Development and the Long Island Development Corporation will host a series of business development workshops featuring speakers with exceptional expertise in their respective fields that can possibly assist Fishers Island residents. The first workshop targeted agriculture and viticulture industries and forthcoming workshops will target commercial fishing and aquaculture as well as entrepreneurs and inventors.

The Planning Board and the Town Board are reviewing several legislative changes for possible future implementation that includes:

  • The creation of “floating zones” to protect and preserve historic churches, community facilities, schools, etc. that could be redeveloped into something not compatible with community character
  • Development of Shrimp farming as a possible business model for aqua-cultural use in Town
  • Limiting short-term rentals of properties

The Town’s Comprehensive Plan, Southold 2020 will continue to focus on the land use chapter as well as infrastructure beginning in 2015. Comments and recommendations from residents of Fishers Island are encouraged and may be done via email to

Always check the Town’s website for updated information

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