MISSING: 1 Mini Crew Shell

Friday, August 11 the Kinderskulls Program, hosted by the Community Center and run from Dock Beach, was missing a kayak and 2 mini crew shells. The kayak and 1 shell have been found, but one more shell still missing.
This is the report – please keep a look out!
  • A white shell with paddles valued at about $3,000.00.
  • Definitely taken as they were way too high up on the beach and the paddles were in the lot with the trailer.
  • Matt Hopkins, Kinderskulls program owner, appreciates any assistance the community can lend.
  • If not found over the weekend, he will have no choice but to file charges on Monday morning.
  • He stressed that this is not a misdemeanor & carries significant charges. If he doesn’t file, he risks losing his insurance.
  • The NY State Troopers on island are on the look out as well. They are reviewing security camera footage from the area.
  • More trips along the shoreline are being done.

The scull and equipment is still missing & needs to be on the first morning boat Monday morning or another kids program will be affected!

This is a serious situation! If anyone knows where the missing boat & equipment can be found please call the State Trooper’s office at 788-7600, or send a message to Matt Hopkins (507) 848-0826.

Feel free to share on any social media. THANK YOU for spreading the word!

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