May 27, 2017 ICB Minutes

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Island Community Board Meeting Minutes
Saturday, May 27th, 2017
Community Center multi-Purpose Room


Board Members Present: Tom O’ Neil (President), Louisa Evans (Town Justice), Matt Edwards (Walsh Park), Tim Patterson (Waste Management), Dicky Reigel (Governance), Tom Sargent (Conservancy), Ace Ahrens (Ferry), Jane Ahrens year-round), Sarah Porter (year-round), Meg Atkin (year-round), Candy Whitman (year-round), Nate Malinowski (year-round)

Directors Absent: Willard Soper (Treasurer), Mark Gaumond (FIDCO), Marc Rubenstein (IHP), Karen Goodwin (School), Chris Finan (Utility Company), Elizabeth McCance (Museum)

Public Present: Lucinda Herrick, Elizabeth Reid, Jim Reid, Sarah McClain, Roberta Elwell, Luke Fowler, Barbara Reigel.

Staff Present: Zack Hoch (secretary)


Tom O’ Neil opened the meeting welcoming everyone in attendance and summarized recent activity from each sub committee. The Annual Report which came out this past fall and encourages organizations to get word out about themselves. The Annual Report is used to document activities within organizations and can be used to approach Southold about the island’s priorities. Initiatives shall be garnered at ICB meetings. Tom mentioned the environmental stewardship, stating initiatives are being discussed between FIDCO, the Museum and Conservancy. Walsh Park has formed a partnership with the school about a potential land deal. Healthcare is still an issue but the ICB has Congressman Zeldin’s ear. Tom O’Neil and Louisa Evans presented the sidewalk petition which accumulated over 500 signatures to the town of Southold in April. Scott Russell will come to the island to survey the sidewalks. Lastly Tom mentioned the Spring letter and the membership drive will start this summer.

Approve Minutes

Tom O’Neil motioned to approve minutes from the previous meeting. The minutes unanimously were accepted.

FIDCO Update

Tom Sargent spoke on the recent activity from FIDCO. The biggest priorities are assuring the utility, water and electric companies are working. Currently FIDCO is working on the Water Company. There are 2 wells and water is used from Barlow Pond. The plan is to bring the old church well back by August or September. Tom added the speed limit is 30 MPH. Tim Patterson commented tree branches were nicely trimmed back from the power lines.

Waste Management Update

            Tim Patterson stated Waste Management is working toward the goal of combining the 2 stations and they are gathering the proper paperwork and researching possible building plans. Any items necessary to the building project that are built on the island must employ workmen at prevailing wage. Any part of the project that can be purchased from the mainland in an already built state will save the District and the taxpayers money. Ground penetrating radar has been used to determine the presence of any hazardous underground obstacles, there were none. Tim announced they want to add a scale and charge by the pound. FIWM is currently not in compliance with storm water regulations in NY State, part of the project to combine the stations will address FIWM getting the facilities in compliance. Waste Management is creating usable soil through composting. Currently the process takes the better part of a year. In the plans for the project is a mixing building that will have a gore tex cover and have air pumped into the compost, which may allow for usable soil to be created in as little as 4 months. The soil was analyzed last year by an independent firm in CT and received an excellent report. It is possible that pipes could be placed in the floor of the mixing building which could be part of the heating system for heating FIWM buildings during the winter. Tim guessed a reasonable time frame to begin work might be next spring. Beth Stern will be working to update the Waste Management website with building information and plans.

Island Health Project

Tom O’ Neil spoke for Marc Rubenstein who was unable to attend. Tom stated IHP would like to extend their gratitude to Dr. Ingram and all the tremendous work he does. His patients believe he provides better care than mainland doctors.

Candy Whitman stated that on a case by case basis, year-round Fishers Island residents can receive attention in CT and FI. She exclaimed people must get their cases to her as soon as possible while we have attention and we must spread the word.


Dicky Riegal explained the ICB governance status and steps that must be taken.

  • IMMEDIATE: Appoint a Vice President of the ICB
    • The By Laws mandate a President (Tom O’Neil), Treasurer (Willard Super), Secretary (Zack Hoch), and at least one Vice President (open).  The Vice President MUST be a Director.  The Governance Committee nominates Candy Whitman to be the Vice President, which both acknowledges her hard work and active participation on the ICB, and also balances the officer listing among Seasonal and Year-Round Directors.  In reading the By-Laws section 5.1 and 5.2, that election of the Vice President is elected by the board.  We can do that now, per section 5.2, even though it would typically happen at the Annual Meeting.  No reason to wait for that.
  • 2017: Elections/Appointments
    • Elected Directors: (Elections held in August)
      • This year, there is only one open elected directorship to be filled:  Meg Atkin has agreed to run for the single open Year-Round Director seat.  If elected, that would be her FIRST term. The past year of her service has been the fulfillment of a prior representative’s term
      • Per the attached roster, the Seasonal Director roster is “full”
      • No other elected director candidates have come forward as of May, 2017
      • We should always seek qualified and interested candidates for ICB board participation from both Year Round and Seasonal populations
    • Appointed Directors: (Appointments made at ICB Annual Meeting in October)
      • The Fire District does not currently have an appointed representative to the ICB.  We need one
        • Candidates should be identified by Fire District
        • Current ICB director Nate Malinowski is a member of the Fire District. There doesn’t appear to be any problem with him serving the ICB as both an elected Year-Round Rep, and also as the appointed Fire District Rep.
      • Mark Gaumond indicated that he will be replaced as the FIDCO rep.  Need to identify his replacement
      • Are there any other appointed rep replacements?
    • 2018 Planning:
      • ICB President Tom O’Neil’s 2nd term concludes in 2018.  The board needs to begin considering Tom’s replacement as President.
      • Discuss at meeting the potential for an “Emeritus” category so that the ICB can recognize service such as Tom O’Neil’s, and so that we can better retain institutional knowledge for the ICB’s benefit.

Dicky also mentioned the ICB web page and suggested getting head shots of all members on the board making ourselves more familiar to the public.

Summer Events

Luke Fowler addressed the room stating Liz Burnham recently had a baby and will be out all next month. Luke stated the Community Center hired Penelope Bankard as their first intern and could possibly hire a second. In movie theater news, the theater has formed a 501ct and Luke said they are exploring the option to buy the theater from the town outright for $1. Luke then spoke of upcoming summer events stating there will be two dance programs at the Community Center; ballet and storybook dance. The movie theater will show two movies per week, on Monday and Wednesday evenings. There will be one special event relating to the ocean and environment. Caroline Toldo will be the theater projectionist. Lastly, July 7th the Parkers will host a party celebrating the 35th anniversary of The World According to Garp.

Lucinda Herrick

Lucinda opened her presentation stating the purpose of the project is to improve the image of the island upon arrival of the ferry. The vision is to create a small park with natural grasses add a new chain-linked fence and design benches for seating. Nate Malinowski, Billy Blothe, Dave Burnham and Tom Sargent are helping to create this park. There is no budget for the project but Lucinda does not except it to be costly. The committee has not asked for funds and believe through self fundraising the money can be raised. The ferry district stated they do not have funds to contribute towards the project and have larger priorities. The ferry is concerned with the amount of parking that will be lost. Lucinda countered stating they just want to use the area closest to the water and parking could be added by the lots that are leased.

Salt Barn

Discussion broke out about the building of a new salt barn. Louisa Evans stated they have been searching for a spot to to build a new salt barn for the past 2-3 years. This would cost about $200,000. Most suggested locations are not ideal because contractors may have to be uprooted or vehicles must travel through a flood plain for access. Chippy DuPont suggested using Dick grebes estate and that the town should attend ICB meetings. Luke Fowler propose adding process to raise the route running through the flood plain.

Island Desires

Tom O’ Neil stated that the community needs to determine their wants and desires for want they want done with the island. The community and ICB can look for a 5-10 year plan but Southold must be approached coherently. The ICB cannot have individual groups calling to complain to Southold. The best thing for someone with a complaint is to address it at an ICB meeting.

Meeting adjourned 5:45pm.

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