Mark Gaumond

Chairman: Fishers Island Development Corporation (FIDCO)
Member: Walsh Park Development Corporation
Member: Island Community Board, FIDCO Representative

Fishers Island Development Corporation (FIDCO)
Board Member:
Hay Harbor Club

When did you first arrive on Island?
I arrived on Fishers in 1979 and, together with two buddies from New York, bought “Roadview”.  It is now a Walsh Park property and is in very good hands.

What are your favorite things to do on Fishers?
Both our children are on the East coast so Louise and I get to see a lot of them in the summer and fall.  I enjoy seeing old friends season after season and I enjoy meeting new comers to the Island. I hang out on Chocomount Beach, I use the gym at the Community Center and I play a few rounds of golf each year.

Fishers Island is a very special place. It is filled with memories of wonderful times with family and friends. It is beautiful, it is fun and it is relaxing. It is a small community of interesting people who appreciate how fortunate we are to be here.

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