Manhattan Yacht Club challenges Fishers Island Yacht Club to 12 meter match race

12 Meters
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Manhattan Yacht Club (MYC) is coming to Fishers Island for an overnight stop on Thursday, August 10. They are bringing two 12 meters and have challenged Fishers Island Yacht Club (FIYC) to a match race. In addition, MYC members recently purchased 3 IOD’s and are keen to build a fleet. In that regard, many of their members would like a chance to sail in FIYC’s IOD fleet boats.

Below is the schedule outline in case anyone wants to go out and watch the race of these beautiful boats in a friendly competition.


Plan for the Day – 10 August 2017

1300-1500 – (1:00-3:00 pm) MYC Boats arrive and Anchor in the outer harbor

FIYC Race committee to go on station

FIYC IOD Owners Reps board IODs

MYC Crews delivered to IODs

FIYC 12 Metre crew boards.

After 1500 – (3:00 pm) Racing begins

First Start 12 Metre Match Race – Course around Govt. marks in FI Sound – no spinnakers

Following starts – IODs on short Windward Leeward, Spinnakers optional.

Racing ends when 12 Metres finish.

1900 – All sailors, Race Committee, and housing hosts are welcome for cocktails on the MYC flagship Arabella. Housing hosts will meet there guests there and discuss sleeping arrangements.

2030 – (8:30 pm) MYC guests transfer to Pequot for dinner.

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