Liz Burnham


Director: Fishers Island Community Center
Secretary: Island People’s Project
Commander: American Legion Post 1045
Member: Fishers Island Yacht Club
Member: Union Chapel

Secretary: Island Community Board
Secretary: Ferry District Board of Commissioners
Aide: Fishers Island School
Lifeguard: Dock Beach
Gardener: Race Rock Garden Co.
Lieutenant: US Navy

Maybe delete the former ones?
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Maybe delete the former ones?

When did you first arrive on Island/how did you get here?
I’ve got a photo of my first trip on the ferry – I was maybe a month old – but I became a year-round resident when I moved on island in June 2015.

What are your favorite things to do on Fishers?
Summer Saturdays are reserved for racing boats, and I especially love going head to head with my brother.

Off-season, I apparently like attending meetings. I also enjoy meeting the artists at Lighthouse Works events and dinners. I’m trying to explore some of the trails up island and around the Parade Grounds that the Museum and the Conservancy maintain – basically, do all those things I never seem to have time for in the summer. And of course, I like getting to know people better!

What does Fishers mean to you?
Family. Community. The most beautiful place in the world. Home.

About your job/store/business/non-profit:
I got involved in IPP through my grandmother, Anne Burnham, and am constantly amazed at the Board’s willingness to put in countless hours to make the big events like the morning program and the house and garden tour happen, and to take care of the smaller details like complying with state health and safety inspections at Dock Beach.

I’m really excited about the future of ICB. The Board is committed to transparency, providing a place where the community can come for informed discussion on island topics, delving into research when we need to, and getting everyone on the same page. In early 2016, we’ve been looking at Southold’s strategic plans for Fishers Island to see what goals have and haven’t been met, and we’re planning to engage Southold and Suffolk County on major issues like affordable housing, health care for self-employed islanders, and getting islanders access to social services.

Working for the Ferry Commission means I hear a lot about all the preventative maintenance the District does on the Race Point and Munnatawket – and how carefully the Marine Operations crew schedules the work to minimize impact on the island. All the problem-solving that goes on when a ferry can’t continue operations…it brings me back to my Navy days!

The school is a huge asset to this community. I really enjoy working there, and not just because I love hanging out with the kids. I’m hoping to teach a SEEK cluster this spring – six hours over six weeks with students from all different grades coming together to explore a common interest!

Fishers Island Community Center

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