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The Suffolk Cooperative Library System (SCLS) team came to Fishers Island November 5 to introduce the Island to Live-brary. Visitors included Ruth Westfall, Administrator for Technology Services; Derek Ivie, Youth Services Specialist; Samantha Alberts, Member Services; and Eric Frank, PALS Services and Operations.


The SCLS team spent a good part of the day at the Fishers Island Library with librarian Ann Banks, her volunteers and a Library trustee. Ann wrote,

We had a very productive afternoon with the four people that came from Suffolk Cooperative Library System. They had library cards all made for everyone at school and the 50 library patrons whose names we had given them.

Leslie and Amy were here along with Ace and Faye, the school librarian. After lunch, while Eric was showing Leslie and me how to make patrons cards, Samantha & Derek were showing Faye and Amy how and what the children can access. Ruth was impressed that our collection was bar coded and was going to encourage other small libraries to us as an example. Derek was very impressed with the children’s collection for our size and space.

We took a short island tour and then they did a presentation to the school faculty and the few members of the public who attended. Karen and the faculty seemed very pleased with all the possibilities this service opens to the students and the island.

They got on the 4:45 ferry after inviting us to visit them and see other small libraries in Suffolk. They were very appreciative of our hospitality and seemed to really enjoy it. We were lucky the weather was calm and beautiful.

It was a big success and now we need to just investigate and access all the possibilities!

The adult user session took place at Fishers Island School in the afternoon. Principal/Superintendent Karen Goodwin added,

I need to echo all that Ann said! The SCLS team did a fantastic job of sharing their expertise and enthusiasm about the resources. The school team is really excited about all that Live-brary has to offer, as evidenced by the fact that some of them risked missing their boats home so they could obtain their cards at the end of the workshop. They wanted to start exploring tonight!

Thank you to Ann and Leslie for participating in our session, to Bonnie and Jon for connecting FI with SCLS, and to the Board for your commitment to a strong school-library partnership!

FI-Library-Card-IMG_2657-500sqNext steps for the Fishers Island community!

The SCLS team made Fishers Island Library cards for the Fishers Island School students, faculty and staff as well as for many island community members. Visit Ann Banks at the Library to pick up your card at your earliest convenience.

With the bar code on the back of your new card, login to Live-brary and start exploring all the free resources available to everyone!

Learn more here: Fishers Island’s Live-brary Brochure


Derek tweeted: Had a wonderful day with the librarians and teachers on Fishers Island. Now back to the mainland! Yay team!
Derek Ivie tweeted: Had a wonderful day with the librarians and teachers on Fishers Island. Now back to the mainland! Yay team!

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