Letter from ICB President Tom O’Neil

Dear FI Community,                                                                                                 January 27, 2015

Happy New Year!  After taking storm Juno head on Fishers once again has shown what the word community is all about.

I wanted to briefly reach out and update you on your Community Board’s activity of late. Our primary objectives have been to re-establish the Board, get back to meeting on a regular basis, focus on our procedures and strengthen our communications to our island community. Elections will be held next summer in order to re-invigorate our elected ranks and will help to promote a culture of transparency, growth and renewal. There are many wonderful and exciting projects presently underway around the rock. Jane Ahrens has done a terrific job updating the island web site – www.fishersisland.net. I encourage everyone to use this site as a port for information regarding island news and activities. I am intending to write a quarterly update to the community about the ICB activity of late, and post it to the website and ICB page. Louisa Evans, our representative to the Southold Town Board, will do so as well in order to keep us all more informed.

As we move forward, there are many complex and difficult issues that continue to challenge our wonderful community. The Utility Co is working to update our aging infrastructure in order to provide us the services we need. Walsh Park has embarked on a capital campaign which will be used to address some of our ongoing housing needs. The FI Fire Department is working to come up with solutions for a personnel shortage among our volunteer fire fighters and EMTs. In all of this, there is much good news. The school continues to thrive under the thoughtful and competent leadership of Karen Goodwin. Lighthouse Works is blooming, bringing 20 skilled artists to our community this year, and has recently been recognized as one of the more vibrant young residency programs nationwide. The Community Center has been an amazing addition to Fishers Island, providing thoughtful programing for all ages year round. Please join me in welcoming Union Chapel’s new pastor, Candy Whitman. Welcome to Fishers Candy.

In this new year, I am hopeful that the ICB will continue to be a place for thoughtful discussion about the future of our island, and that our meetings will be a productive forum to share ideas between the many organizations that make our community work.


Tom O’Neil, President ICB
(413) 298-4199

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