Island People’s Project Cardboard Boat Regatta

Monday, July 10, 2017 at Dock Beach

They came, they registered, they started…

…and they all had fun!

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2017 Cardboard Regatta Guidelines

2017 Cardboard Regatta Guidelines

Rules and Regulations

  • Only corrugated cardboard and tape (duct tape or clear packing tape) may be used to construct a boat. Treated cardboard is prohibited. Cardboard may be used in double thickness, but no single piece may exceed ½” in thickness, thus maximum thickness is 1”. This does not apply where seats meet the hull. Seats must comply with the thickness guideline.
  • No reinforcing structures may be used. Elmer’s wood glue can be used to adhere pieces of cardboard, but not on seams or to coat cardboard.
  • The hull of the boat may not be covered in plastic, shrink wrap or other material. Only seams and joints may be taped where cardboard meets, not the entire boat.
  • When taping the seams only 1.5” of tape can overlap the seams and a minimum of 12” of any un-taped area of cardboard must separate seams.
  • Boats may not exceed 12’ in length.
  • Boats must have sides. Surfboards are prohibited.
  • Boats must be made for 2-6 passengers
  • Paddles and oars must also be made of cardboard and are the only means allowed to propel the boat. No appendages may be used for propulsion and will not be allowed in the water.
  • Paint may be used for decoration, but not as waterproofing on the boat.
  • In order to qualify as a finisher, all teammates must be in the boat at the end of the race and cross the finish line together.
  • Boat must have a name.
  • Boats violating any rules suffer a time penalty and begin racing after all compliant boats.
  • Each boat may have one person help crew into the boat, but they may not push the boat off.

Course: Start is Dock Beach, Finish is floating Dock. First boat to Finish wins!

All Participants must wear life jackets! [/toggle]

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