IPP’s Annual Halloween Parade 2017

All the island ghosts and goblins gathered at Fishers Island School for the annual IPP parade, pizza and prizes.

Master of Ceremonies Alan Eastman, with his able assistant FI School senior Brookyn Redo, introduced the trick or treaters to the Fishers Island community as they paraded through the School gym. Each received a bit of a ‘treat’ from IPP board member Tawyna Eastman as the costume judges, Patty and Brandy Walker and Jess Hall, took careful notes before presenting the awards.

Thank you also Mr. Arsenault and Mr. Crespo for the use of the school; the drama department for helping set up in the gym; Wings and Pies for the delicious pizza; and the community members who came to cheer the paraders on. You all helped make this year’s IPP Halloween Parade a big success!

This year the IPP Board did something a bit different. IPP had no members available to plan this special annual event so they decided to take on an intern. Brooklyn Redo, a senior who completed a HOBY leadership council last year, was chosen and was able to put her leadership and organizational skills to work. IPP Board member Eastman remarked, “She planned the entire thing! All I did was drive her to the store to get the supplies.”

Costume Award Winners
Maddie Lusker & Anthony Toldo
Bella Harris and Griffin Harris
Brianna Beck and Donny Beck
Kloe Scroxton
Alex Mego

From the opening intro to the trick or treating, it was a fun-filled Halloween on Fishers!
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