IPP’s 2018 Cardboard Boat Regatta

The Cardboard Regatta was so much fun on a beautiful afternoon in mid-July! Most of the boats made it past the starting line, but even the sinking crews had a blast.

Arlo Pollack won the (one to a boat) Singles Race, Lulu Starbuck and Grace Fisher-Owens won the (more than 1 in a boat) Doubles Race and Best Boat Design was captured by Finley Cugini on July 16th! Winners each received a gift certificate for a dog bowl at Toppers.

Thanks to Janio Spinola for donating the prizes, Tryn Collins for judging the artistry, IPP Counselors Eliza Trevor, and Edie Parsons for being finish line judges, and Oscar and Dexter Benkard for gathering, retrieving and/or towing back to shore stray boats, cardboard, and crews.  Special thanks to Nick Klimczak for managing the whole thing! ~ Bonnie Benkard, IPP Morning Program Director

Click on any image to see a larger version.
Photo Credit: Jane T. Ahrens

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