ID Your Pets on Fishers

lost-dog-id-name-tag-300SQThere has been an abundance of dogs found wandering on Fishers Island lately. We all want to keep our pets safe and out of harms way so here are 3 easy things to do:

  1. ID Your Pets – Google ‘Dog ID’ and you will find many websites where you can order a tag for your pet. Include your cell phone and name. If you prefer to do it less expensively, just take a sharpie and write your phone number on the collar – which should stay on your pet at all times – in case they ‘escape’.
  2. Call Fishers Island’s NY State Police office at 788-7600 and let them know if your pet is missing. They may be able to help track them down.
  3. ‘Like’ the facebook page If we hear of a found or lost pet we will post it on this FB Page. (Call 788-7487 or text 203-801-8431 to report. Photos are most helpful!)

Luckily we are on an island and pets rarely get on the ferry by themselves – although it has happened! And, there are many people who are willing to stop and check on a pet on a road to keep them safe from the traffic – but pet owners need to do their part and ID their dogs and cats.

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