ICB Preliminary Report re: FIWMD Site & Operation Plans

Preliminary Report to the (ICB) Board
on the Fishers Island Waste Management
Plans to Consolidate Their Sites and Expand Their Operations

Compiled by ICB Representatives
Willard Soper and Nate Malinowski
October 2, 1018

This report has been prepared for the ICB, as a preliminary look at Waste Management’s proposal to consolidate its facilities. It lays out what we have found as the facts on the ground, defined here as those that are publicly available as presented by Waste Management. This report was generated with the help of the Commissioners and Staff at FIWM and is expected to be accompanied by a jointly developed “FAQ and Informational Sheet” that will allow further detail to be explained. In cases, where we have been unable to corroborate facts or locate documents, we have noted that.

10/2/18 ICB Preliminary Report re: FIWM Site & Operation Plans

NOTE: If the document link on page 2 in the pdf does not open, use this link: ICB & FIWMD Document Cloud @ docs.google.com

ICB FIWMD FAQ and Informational Sheet

We ask that any corrections or suggested additions to this report be submitted to Nate.Malinowski@gmail.com or wbsoper@comcast.net. A final report will be compiled and will include all corrections, additions and all letters from the public received before October 30, 2018.

Notice of Public Hearing:
FIWMD’s Local Solid Waste Management Plan Draft
2:00 PM on October 10, 2018
at the Fishers Island Community Center

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