ICB Minutes July 9, 2018

P.O. Box 464, Fishers Island, NY 06390
Tel: 631-788-7990
Email: ficommunityboard@gmail.com

Monday, July 9, 2018
Community Center Multi-Purpose Room

Attendance 18

ICB Representatives: Tom O’ Neil (President), Willard Soper (Treasurer), Candy Whitman (Year-Round), Nate Malinowski (Year-Round), Meg Atkin (Year-Round), John McGillian (FIDCO), Matt Edwards (Walsh Park), Elizabeth McCance (Museum), Louisa Evans (Ex-Officio)

On Call: Dicky Riegel (Seasonal), Tom Sargent (Conservancy)

Absent: Chris Finan (Utility Company), Greg Thibodeau (Waste Management), Marc Rubenstein (IHP), Geb Cook (Ferry District)

Public Present: Sarah Porter, Ken Edwards, Woody Collins, Harry & Ellen Parker, Bob Evans, Tim Patterson

Approve Minutes: Tom O’ Neil motioned to pass the July minutes written by Zack Hoch. The board unanimously motioned to pass the minutes.

Southold Update

 Louisa Evans reported sidewalk repairs likely will occur this autumn. Louisa stated the part-time administrative position is still moving in the right direction. The job description is currently back with Civil Service waiting on the final okay, then the Town Board will create the position and determine the salary. Then the position can be advertised. When asked about the job responsibilities, Louisa answered the person must reside on FishersIsland, will attend various meeting, be involved in the community about potential changes and seek wants and needs from the community. Tom O’ Neil stated this person will help with things the ICB misses and facilitate communication between island entities and ICB. Willard believes this will help Southold to be engaged with Fishers Island since they are paying this employee. Nate Malinowski questioned the candidates. Tom stated they have a few people in mind with certain qualifications but the job must be posted once the job description is complete.

Dicky Reigel stated Town Father’s Day is Wednesday, August 8th. The ICB will make a brief presentation to the town board, and asks that any and all ICB representatives attend.

Fund Drive

Willard Soper reported the ICB received $875 in donations since the June meeting. The ICB plans to do a ‘Boxholder Mail Blast’ within the month including Tom’s letter to the community and the Annual Appeal. The communications committee will meet to make edits and determine mail and printing details. Woody Collins asked about the ICB’s annual budget. Willard answered between $6,000-$8,000 and stated people feel more engaged once they contribute and then are eligible to vote in the elections.

FIDCO Update


John McGillian reported FIDCO recognizes the housing crisis on Fishers Island and is collaborating with the Ferry District, Fishers Island School, the Utility Company, George Conant, Mark Gaumond, Ned Carlson, Andrew Burr and others to end the crisis. John formally asked the ICB for their support. John stated multi-family housing is the goal, however they need proper zoning. Southold must recognize the urgency because costs accumulate when organizations are forced to outsource. John requests the ICB gather necessary information and say, ‘We want this’ or ‘no’. John stated organizations are doing good by the community and people are putting forth strong effort. There are no land parcels currently in mind. Organizations must first speak and decide what they want. Louisa Evans reminded that zoning is complicated and people must first decide to push for ‘Affordable Housing’ or ‘Hamlet Density’ and not all land parcels can be used how wanted. John reported FIDCO hired an advisor, Martin Finnegan. Martin understands town law and will explain to the organizations involved the best way to achieve zoning changes. John stated Tom Siebens prefers Hamlet Density. Matt Edwards stated Affordable Housing does not work for Walsh Park. John continued to state they will only donate a land parcel that would work and makes sense. It has been suggested Martin Finnegan be invited to Fishers Island.

Matt Edwards broke news by reporting the Ferry District will lease out the top floor of the freight shed to Walsh Park. Matt suggested they plan to build 6 units: three 1-bedroom units, two 2-bedroom units, and one 3-bedroom unit. A firebreak, stairs, and an elevator are to be installed. Todd Williams will donate his expertise and knowledge of the project. Construction could start within 1 year.

Methodology Discussion

Tom O’ Neil emphasized the importance of working together and not as individuals and it is an organizational effort. John suggests there be one individual who works with all groups. ICB seeks for a volunteer. Meg Atkin requests the housing committee meet with Martin Finnegan. John will ask Martin.

Adjourned 6:41pm

Next ICB meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 13th at 5:30 in the Community Center multi-purpose room.

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