ICB Correspondence with Southold July 2017

ICB President Tom O’Neil’s letter to Southold Town Supervisor Scott Russell, with a copy of the minutes of the last ICB meeting for the August Fog Horn.

July 31, 2017

Dear Scott,

On behalf of the Island Community Board of Fishers Island, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for coming out to the Island on July 10 and actively participating in our most recent ICB meeting. As discussed earlier this spring, I believe the more communication and contact Fishers Island can have with Southold, the more efficient and effective our strategic partnership will be. The Island Community Board has made tremendous progress over the last couple of years to garner community perspective and prioritize our island’s needs, in order to provide a coherent roadmap for the Town of Southold to follow. Having you out here more often helps our community feel as though it is being heard by Southold, and further helps us establish a cohesive punch list of priorities that we, as a group, can tackle.

Thank you for hearing and addressing our needs. Attached please find a copy of the official minutes from our July meeting so that we may have a record that can help pave the way for addressing these priorities.

I look forward to seeing you on Southold Town Day on Fishers Wednesday, August 9 and continuing our journey in addressing the needs of this unique community. Thanks again.

Best, Tom

ICB Minutes July 10, 2017

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