Honoring our Veterans Each and Every Day

In recognition of Veterans Day on November 11 we honor all those who have served and are currently serving our country.

Thank you today, and always.

Fishers Island affiliated veterans are recognized below in this list which is a work in progress.

Last Full Branch Legion Member
Banister Barry Banister USMC Viet Nam Post #1045
Bridgeman Eddie Bridgeman USN FI Ferry Dist
Brock Joe Brock USN Post #1045
Brown Rod Brown USAF FI Ferry Dist
Burnham Elizabeth Burnham USN Persian Gulf Post #1045
Burns Dan Burns USMC
Burns RJ Burns USCG FI Ferry Dist
Burr Peter Burr Viet Nam Post #1045
Cashel Tom Cashel USCG
Conray Steve Conray USN FI Ferry Dist
Conroy Mike Conroy USMC
Conroy Brendon Conroy USAF
Cook Steven Cook Viet Nam Post #1045
Cutler Ginger Cutler USMC Currently serving Post #1045
Davis Al Davis US Army
Doherty Tom Doherty USCG Viet Nam Post #1045
Doucette John Doucette US Army Germany Post #1045
duPont Reynold duPont Jr. Viet Nam Post #1045
Edwards Albert Edwards USN Post #1045
Esser George Esser USN Viet Nam Post #1045
Gaston Alexander Gaston USN Post #1045
Gilmore Pete Gilmore US Army FI Ferry Dist
Gural Steve Gural USAF FI Ferry Dist
Hand John Hand Viet Nam Post #1045
Hartsfield J. B. Hartsfield USCG Korea Post #1045
Helfet Tony Helfet USMC
Henry Ron Henry USN
Horn Larry Horn US Army Viet Nam Post #1045
Ingram Christoper Ingram Persian Gulf Post #1045
Johnson David Johnson US Army Viet Nam
Kadushin Charles Kadushin Korea Post #1045
Kahm Steve Kahm USCG FI Ferry Dist
Lamb Lewis O. Lamb US Army WWII Post #1045
Lamb Scott Lamb USN Currently serving
Lamb Don Lamb USN
Lavin Bob Lavin USCG FI Ferry Dist
Maddaloni J.P. Maddaloni US Army Currently serving
Maddaloni Avery Maddaloni US Army Bosnia
Marion John Marion USAF
Mason Rhamir Mason USN FI Ferry Dist
Middleton Ernie Middleton US Army Korea Post #1045
Nelson Lee Nelson USCG FI Ferry Dist
Newell Chris Newell USN FI Ferry Dist
Newell Ben Newell USMC FI Ferry Dist
Norton Glen Norton Viet Nam Post #1045
Panessa Gennaro Panessa Viet Nam Post #1045
Patterson David Patterson USN
Patterson Tim Patterson US Army Post #1045
Philipp Richard Philipp Korea Post #1045
Riley Ed Riley Viet Nam Post #1045
Rogan Joe Rogan US Army Korea Post #1045
Rogers Bob Rogers USMC
Scholle Oliver Scholle USN Currently serving Post #1045
Scholle Peter Scholle USN Currently serving Post #1045
Scott Bob Scott USMC
Ski John Ski USMC Post #1045
Snedecor Tread Snedecor USMC Currently serving Post #1045
Talbot John T. Talbot US Army Viet Nam Post #1045
Thors Thor Thors US Army Post #1045
Walker Patty Walker US Army Post #1045

Please send additions, corrections, and comments to Jane Ahrens at finyinfo@gmail.com and we will make list updates.

If you would like to join the Fishers Island American Legion Post #1045, please contact Tim Patterson at timpattersonfi@mac.com or he can be reached at 860.908.0686. He can assist veterans with the easy Legion membership.

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