Dear Islanders,                                                                                                     April 2017

Fishers Island and its challenges with health insurance are now on the radar of the New York State Department of Health. They have agreed to help facilitate access to providers and other services in Connecticut. One request for help was submitted last week, and the DOH responded positively within days.

So, if you have a New York plan (private, Medicare, or Medicaid), and you would like to be covered in Connecticut, please follow the steps below.


1. Identify the doctor or service you wish to access in Connecticut (a physician, a facility, etc.). Call and explain the difficulty of travel to NY, and ask them if they would be willing to accept your NY insurance. If not, let them know that if it is concern about payment, you may be able to ensure that with the assistance of the NY Department of Health. Take notes on this conversation.

2. Call your insurance company and similarly, explain your situation with travel to appointments. Ask if they will cover your Connecticut provider. Take notes on this conversation also.

3. Your provider and insurer may be receptive to an arrangement. If not, send a confidential email to Candy Whitman at Union Chapel ( describing your situation. Include details. Also include your full name, birth date, your insurance carrier, and your insurance Member ID number.

Candy will forward your informational confidential email to our liaison with the DOH in Congressman Zeldin’s office. He will send you a disclosure form to sign, after which your email will be sent to the DOH.

The DOH makes no guarantees, but they have the kind of influence needed to get results.

If you do not have insurance, call Candy to discuss how you might move forward with the assistance of the DOH.

Don’t hesitate! Every personal situation we send helps build our case that we need long-term, permanent policies to be put in place.

Rev. Candace Whitman
Fishers Island Union Chapel (UCC)
P O Box 192
821 Crescent Avenue
Fishers Island, NY 06390

Office: (631) 788-7898
Parsonage: (631) 788-7029

Editor’s Note: Island residents Candy Whitman, an ICB year-round representative, and  Louisa Evans, Fishers Island’s Town Rep, traveled to Long Island in March and met with Congressman Lee Zeldin specifically to discuss the health insurance issues facing Fishers Islanders. Thank you for your persistence in continuing to seek resolutions to this difficult and important problem.

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