Fun, Festive and Fast IPP Easter Egg Hunt

Margaret Chaves and the IPP Board and volunteers would like to thank…

The Village Market for donating the 60 dozen eggs, the Fishers Island Community Center for their kitchen and crafts room for cooking and decorating, along with so many amazing helpers to make the Annual IPP Easter Egg Hunt a success again Saturday, March 31, 2018.

Cooking eggs:
Sviatlana Liashchyna, Beth Arsenault, and Peggy Benkard for their help boiling the eggs (60 dozen).

Coloring eggs:
Nick Klimczak, Brooklyn Redo, Anthony Toldo, Christina Toldo, Ellie Bloethe, Maddie Hatfield, Mary Surprenant, Sue and Maddie Lusker, Marj and Brianna Beck.

Hiding eggs:
Nick Klimczak, Brooklyn Redo, Devon Kucsera, Caroline Toldo, Nat Howe, Kenny Howe, and Peggy Benkard.

And, thank you to all the children and their families and friends who came out for the Easter Egg Hunt!

We couldn’t have done it without you!

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