FIWMD Letter to the Fishers Island Community 12/6/18

December 6, 2018

Dear members of the Fishers Island Community,

Regrettably, notes from a recent meeting were published in a public forum without the benefit of context and in a way that failed to indicate the draft nature of the notes. This has generated a response in the community that we need to address.

The FIWMD Board is in the process of establishing an Ad Hoc Committee. The mission of the Committee, although not yet fully defined, will be to engage with the staff, consultants, files and collected data, to conduct a review and make recommendations to the Board. The Board will impose no constraints on the Committee. The membership of the Committee is not yet confirmed, but it will be a small group of individuals and no person serving on the FIWMD Board may be a member of the Ad Hoc Committee.

In the meantime, the FIWMD Board and staff will continue with day to day operations. We will proceed with minor but urgent safety upgrades important to customer safety, such as installing guardrails around the pits. The Board will not be going forward with any program expansions, special projects or initiate anything “new” at this time.

Fishers Island is a small community blessed with a passionate and devoted citizenry. Through the public elections process, the volunteer FIWMD Board of Commissioners has been delegated the particular responsibility within our community to address waste management. We too are passionate and devoted and lament the current situation where we seem to have gotten ahead of the curve on public sentiment for how to manage the island’s waste.

We are acutely aware that hard work and good intentions are not exclusive elements to serving on this or any public board. Transparency is another critical element, and we are accused of neglecting this element. We appreciate that trust from constituents is earned through clear and constant two-way communication. With outside assistance, we will be engaging in a thorough review of our board practices and available tools, such as the website, to be sure they engender sound, well- articulated, widely shared goals, policies and programs.

Thank you for your patience,


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