FIWMD Candidate Forum: Gregory Thibodeau


As I seek your vote for re-election, here is a brief summary of my involvement over the years in the Fishers Island community.

I served on the school board for 12 years, and I am proud to say that I was one of the five board members that developed and executed the magnet program. Today the program enriches the fabric of our school both educationally and socially and is very well accepted.

I have been an active fire person for 40 years. I’ve held all officers positions, including fire chief.

I’ve sat on the executive committee becoming the chairperson, served as navigator on sea stretcher and am currently serving as a commissioner on the Fishers Island Fire District Board. I have served on the library board and cemetery committee.

In the late 80s I was elected to the board of the Fishers Island Garbage and Refuse District, serving for 11 years. Back then there were only three commissioners, we would hold meetings at the firehouse and the district records were scattered all over the place. We proceeded with the re-organization of the district. At the time the transfer station was new, we were dealing with purchasing and capping the picket landfill, found an office to work out of, hired a secretary, and collected all the records. We then petitioned Albany to increase the number of commissioners from 3 to 5 as all the other districts operated. Our second order was to terminate the burning practice at the current composting station, cleaned and shipped out to a proper facility all the hazardous ash as was mandated by the NYS DEC. This is when the Fishers Island composting program started at the site known as “the burn dump”.

Five years ago the district asked if I would re-join the board and help in their effort to combine and/or modernize the stations, addressing the current state requirements, while reducing the Island’s carbon footprint. We hired engineers and came up with a plan. Many Islanders have expressed opposition to some or all aspects of that plan. I have listened and we have stopped the implementation of that plan. An Ad Hoc committee of year-round and seasonal residents is being formed to review that plan, consider all alternative options and advise FIWMD on the best path forward. I look forward to working with Island stakeholders to make sure our decisions are in the best interest of the community and specifically the Fort Wright neighborhood.

My goal is to keep working toward the best solutions when dealing with refuse and recycling for our unique island while preserving the pristine environment that we all enjoy. If elected I promise that any decision that I will be part of will be supported by our community and I also invite each of you and all groups to participate in these discussions as we move towards our goal.

Thank you for your support and please vote for me next Tuesday, December 11 at the firehouse from 6 to 9 PM.


Gregory Thibodeau

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