Fishers Island’s Sea Stretcher needs your support!

SEP2014 Photo Credit: Robert Vancour


It’s spring time, Fishers Island is blooming and we are all looking forward to summer time again.
May 28th is the Peter Sanger Sea Stretcher Memorial Day Marathon – save the date for this main fundraising event for the Sea Stretcher!

Please help our efforts to raise awareness to support this life-saving service that runs solely on donations and volunteers. (The Sea Stretcher gets no funding from Southold.)

We have been working hard to raise money not only for the yearly running costs but also for the cost of upgrading the Sea Stretcher boat. Thanks so much to all who have donated so far, it truly is a community effort to keep this service running.

Last year there was 57 Fire calls, 48 EMT calls, and over 44 individuals with medical emergencies were transported to New London by the Sea Stretcher, thanks to the volunteer crew.

Ways to support the running costs of the Sea Stretcher:
Make a Donation
Take part in the Memorial Day Marathon
Shop with Amazon Smile

Help spread the work on social media by sharing all the info above.

This service is vital and essential to everybody who is on Fishers Island, you never know when you, a family member or friend may need it.

The running costs are high but saving a life is priceless!

Please make a Donation to support our efforts!

Thanks for your support,
Tiggy Ski

Please forward and share this message to help us reach as many people as possible.

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