Fishers Island School’s uniforms go to basketball team in Guatemala

Fishers Island School generously donated gym uniforms to a paraplegic basketball team in Guatemala through the relationship with the non-profit Little Pebbles.

By Yaritza Gello


Meet Sergio. He is an engineer who graduated from the University of Guatemala. An accident left him paraplegic while he was still a student. Learning how to cope with his new physical condition was an everyday struggle, but his cheerful personality got him through the worst. His determination and goodwill have pushed him forward, and today he has found meaning in the things he loves, like basketball. He is most happy in the company of good friends who share his same love for the sport.

Under Sergio’s leadership, they meet a couple of times a week to practice, play, and share a good laugh. Sergio and his teammates are most grateful to the Fishers Island School for the donations of basketball uniforms. “Now we feel like a real team,” he said.

Little Pebbles would like to thank once again the Fishers Island School for its continuing support of our mission in helping orphan children in Guatemala and individuals like Sergio and his friends. Together we are doing great things!

Little Pebbles Ministries is a non-profit organization
under the 501 ( c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Tax ID number: 47-3717678

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