Fishers Island hosts Annual Town of Southold Visit

Southold Town Day on Fishers Island Itinerary

Southold Town Day on Fishers Island Itinerary

Southold Town Trip to Fishers Island
August 8, 2018

10:00 am          The Fishers Island Ferry will depart promptly from the Plum Island Dock in Orient

11:30 am           Approximate arrival at Fishers Island of Federal, State, County and Town Representatives

11:30 am           Planning Board Presentation of Draft Transportation & Infrastructure Chapter

11:30 am           Meet with Fishers Island counterparts, colleagues, and organization representatives and explore Fishers Island

12:30 pm         Office of Unclaimed Funds/New York State Comptroller’s Office will have staff available to search for unclaimed funds in the School Gymnasium

12:15-1:15 pm  BBQ Lunch at the School in the Gym/Auditorium (Veggie burgers available upon request to the cook)

1:30 pm            Southold Town Board Meeting with questions and answers immediately following.

2:45 pm            Don’t miss the boat! The Ferry must depart Fishers Island at 2:45 Promptly (make sure to check in at the ferry for headcount)

4:00 pm           Approximate return to Plum Island Dock in Orient

Southold Town Board Meeting Agenda

Southold Town Board Meeting Agenda

ICB Presentation to Southold Town Board

ICB Presentation to Southold Town Board

P.O. Box 464 Fishers Island, NY. 06390
Tel: 631-788-7990 Email:


1. Introductions: Tom O’Neil (President), Candy Whitman (VP), Dicky Riegel, and other ICB representatives in attendance

2. ICB Role & Mission Statement: The Island Community Board promotes the economic, civic and social welfare of the people of Fishers Island, New York. It carries out this purpose by serving as a forum for the discussion of issues affecting the life of the Fishers Island community at regular open meetings, by prioritizing these issues and by helping or coordinating with setting goals, by developing action plans to address these issues and achieve these goals, and by submitting such plans to ICB members.”

3. ICB Mandate re: Hamlet Study and Fishers Island Strategic Plan 2007-2017.
a. ICB in the Strategic Plan is the “Go To” entity to help facilitate Town-Island issues and opportunities
b. ICB established with the Town as the central channel for Southold communications with the Island
c. Reference Hamlet Study, Chapter 4:

  • “ICB should cultivate productive working relationships with all Town representatives of Fishers Island”
  • “ICB should establish direct contact with governmental agencies whose actions affect the Island or whose services potentially will be of benefit to the island.”
  • “ICB to establish a higher profile in the Town of Southold”

4. How the ICB works today.
a. ICB gathers and aligns Island resources toward the achievement of objectives

  • Identifies obstacles: personnel, processes, etc…
  • Suggest options to promote success
  • Constantly communicate among entities
  • Year-round reps hold “Office hours” for winter population

b. ICB working committees to align with island priorities:
– Housing – Governance/Admin
– Environmental – Finance
– Southold Relations – Infrastructure
– Communications – Healthcare
c. ICB working to enhance communications through all island opportunities

  • Not political – maintain objectivity in order to promote open dialogue

5. Update Town on ICB activities over past 12 months
a. Regular, open monthly meetings
b. Regular elections
c. Priorities developed through dialogue with island entities and community:

  • Housing: Critical need for more year-round housing. ICB enfranchising all pertinent parties to work together to develop solutions. Exciting opportunities coming from open collaboration
  • Waste Management: Waste Management District provided an excellent synopsis and update for the community at the May meeting, centered on the proposed consolidation and building of a new facility
  • Environmental Stewardship: Many exciting environmental initiatives underway. HL Ferguson Museum and Fishers Island Conservancy continue to do a magnificent job in stewardship. Current priorities include the Conservancy’s focus on the Parade Grounds, partnership test cases on FIDCO properties, and work with graduate students and university professors on key island environmental concerns. Ferguson Museum initiatives include protecting open space through their Land Trust (to which it recently added the Chocomount Sanctuary), addressing invasive species, and maintaining an extensive network of trails. Both organizations are also considering how to protect the history of the Fort Wright gun emplacements on Fishers Island. On the heels of the ICB tax analysis, the ICB continues to encourage Island landowners to consider the sale of private property to the Peconic Bay Fund, which can only be deployed on Fishers Island properties. Protecting land in perpetuity as open space for all to enjoy is a “win-win” for all islanders. The ICB is working to help effect such beneficial transactions
  • Other Priorities: Infrastructure: Roads, Sidewalks, Recreation Path, etc.; Healthcare and services for year-round population; Town of Southold liaison – part time administrator position

6. Thank Town of Southold and request Town’s support of Island initiatives going forward

7. Questions from the Town and from all attendees for the ICB?

Southold Town Board Meeting List of Attendees on Fishers Island, August 8, 2018

Southold Town Board Meeting List of Attendees on Fishers Island, August 8, 2018

Supervisor Scott A. Russell
Councilman Bob Ghosio, Jr.
Councilman William Ruland
Councilman James Dinizio, Jr.
Councilwoman Jill Doherty
Justice Louisa Evans
Town Clerk Elizabeth A. Neville
Town Attorney William Duffy


Accounting Department
Kristie Hansen-Hightower, Town Comptroller

Agricultural Advisory Committee
Chris Baiz, Chairperson

Anti-Bias Task Force
Sonia Spar, Co-Chairperson

Board of Assessors
Kevin Webster, Chairman
Richard Caggiano

Building Department
Michael Verity, Chief Building Inspector
John Jarski, Senior Building Inspector
Roger Richert, Electrical Inspector
Robert Fisher, Fire Marshall

Conservation Advisory Council
Peter Young, Chairman

Department of Public Works
Jeff Standish, Executive Director
Timothy Abrams
Russell Ackroyd
Michael Eckhardt
Nancy Foote
John Jerome

Economic Development Committee
Jennifer Del Vaglio, Chairperson

Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Team
Thomas Martin, Southold Town Fire Coordinator

Engineering Department
Michael Collins, Town Engineer
James Richter, Stormwater Manager
Lewis Eastwood, Intern

John Sepenoski

Highway Department
Vincent Orlando, Superintendent of Highways
Roger Tabor, Deputy Supt. of Highways

Amy Folk, Town Historian

Human Resource Center
Karen McLaughlin, Director of Human Services
Carol Hydell

Information Technologies
Lloyd Reisenberg, Networks and Systems Administrator

Justice Court
Judge Eileen Powers
Leanne Reilly, Justice Court Director

Donald Wilcenski, Planning Board Chairman
James H. Rich III, Planning Board
Mary Eisenstein, Planning Board
Heather Lanza, Planning Director
Mark Terry, Asst. Planning Director
Erica Bufkins, Planning Department
Jessica Michaelis, Planning Department

Police Advisory Committee
John J. Slattery, Chairperson
William Ryan

Police Department
Chief Martin Flatley

Recreation Department
Janet Douglass, Recreation Supervisor

Supervisor’s Office
Lauren Standish
Michelle Tomaszewski

Town Attorney’s Office/Code Enforcement
Lester Baylinson
Michael Chih

Transportation Commission
Tom Fox
Nicholas Mazzaferro

Michael Domino, President
John Bredemeyer, Vice President
Glenn Goldsmith, Trustee
Nick Krupski, Trustee
Greg Williams, Trustee

Zoning Board of Appeals
Leslie  Weisman, Chairperson
Patricia Acampora
Kim Fuentes
Nicholas Planamento

NEW YORK STATE, SUFFOLK COUNTY AGENCIES, AND TOWN BUSINESS REPRESENTATIVES                                                     

Allen Video
Robert Cleveland

Brian Hasemann

New York State Archives
Lorraine Hill, Regional Advisory Officer

New York State Department of Ag & Markets
Michael Nocerino, Inspector

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Lt. Frank Carbone
Lt. Tom Gadomski

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation-Division of Materials Management                                                        James Wade, Environmental Engineer
David Gibb, Environmental Engineer

New York State Department of Health
Andy Tse

New York State Department of Transportation
Stephen Canzoneri, Public Information Officer

New York State Office of Emergency Management
Matthew Alilionis, Regional Coordinator
Eric Sanders

New York State Senate – 1st Senate District
Senator Kenneth P. LaValle
Brian Murphy, Attorney

Plum Island, USDHS
Jason Golden, Public Affairs Specialist

Southold Fire Chief’s Council
Bruno Semon, President

Suffolk County Adult Protective Services
Annette Mahoney-Cross, Director
Kristen Clark

Suffolk County Department of Civil Service
Suzanne Platzner, Principal Personnel Analyst
Gail Aliffi, Personnel Analyst
Heather Kerr, Chief Personnel Analyst

Suffolk County Department of Economic Development & Planning
Frank Castelli, Chief Environmental Analyst
Matthew Kappell, East End Program Manager

Suffolk County Department of Health Services
Joshua Mednick, Public Health Engineer
Kate Abazis, Public Health Sanitarian
Jason Hime, Sr. Public Health Engineer
Karol Sarian, Public Health Sanitarian

Suffolk County Department of Health Services – EMS Services
William Masterston, Chief of Educational Training EMS

Suffolk County Department of Health Services – PEP
Dr. Joyce Novak, Director

Suffolk County Department of Public Works
Darnell Tyson, Deputy Commissioner

Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office – East End Bureau
Krystal Matos, Asst. District Attorney
Blythe Miller, Asst. District Attorney

Suffolk County Fire Chief’s Council
Edward Boyd

Suffolk County Legislature – 1st District
Legislator Al Krupski

Suffolk County Office for the Aging
Holly Rhodes Teague, Director

Suffolk County Office of Emergency Management
Edward Schneyer, Director of Emergency Preparedness
Joseph Trzepizur, Emergency Evacuation Coordinator

Suffolk County Parks Department
Philip Berdolt, Commissioner
Karri Marengo, Program Analyst

The Suffolk Times
Tara Smith

U.S. Senator Gillibrand’s Office
Magda Campbell, L.I. Regional Director

United States Congressman Zeldin’s Office
Mark Woolley, District Director

United States Senator Schumer’s Office
Garrett Armwood, Long Island Director

Southold Town Supervisor Scott Russell took time at the start of the Town Meeting to thank everyone for making this day the annual tradition it has become:

  • Thank you to all of the Officials and Guests who took time out of their busy schedules to make the trip.
  • All of the Fishers Island Ferry District Commissioners, Marine Operations Mgr. R.J. Burns, and Captain Jesse Marshall and his crew for providing the transportation.
  • Plum Island/Dept. of Homeland Security – Dr. Larry Barrett, and the security staff for use of their dock and parking facilities. It saves the Town and guests a tremendous amount of travel time.
  • Fishers Island School for being a gracious host.
  • Fishers Island residents for always welcoming us and participating in the meeting.
  • Fishers Island Highway Crew for their assistance in setting up.
  • Legislator Al Krupski for donating the corn.
  • Brauns – (Ken Homan) for donating the ice.
  • Department of Public Works for helping bring everything over, set up and cooking (Jeff Standish, Nancy Foote, John Jerome, Mike Eckhardt, Tim Abrams, Rusty Ackroyd) with Fishers Island’s John Kucsera, Bob Rogers, and Jamie Rogers
  • Carol Hydell of the Human Resource Center and Jessica Michaelis of the Planning Department for their assistance with checking in guests and helping assist with the lunch.
  • Special thanks to Lauren Standish and Michelle Tomaszewski who coordinate the entire events of the day.
Southold Town Board from left to right: Town Attorney William Duffy; Town Clerk Elizabeth A. Neville; Councilman Bob Ghosio; Jr.; Justice Louisa P. Evans; Supervisor Scott A. Russell; Councilman William P. Ruland, Deputy Supervisor; Councilwoman Jill M. Doherty; and Councilman James Dinizio, Jr.

The Fishers Island community appreciates the Town members and officials coming to the Island and welcomes them anytime.

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