Fishers Island Conservancy Message: Twenty Past a Moment

From the Town of Southold: See Chapter 193-3A(5) below:

Chapter 193. Parks and Recreation Areas
Article I. Use Regulations and Restrictions 

No person in a recreational area shall:

(5) Drive any vehicle on any area except the paved roads or parking areas or such other areas as may on occasion be specifically designated as temporary parking areas by the Superintendent.

Justine has posted a moment in The Field
Please make Stewardship our “tireless” effort and the REAL Grand Design on Fishers Island! Take pride and protect our shores-be TRULY daring.

A reminder that driving on the beach in Southold is not permitted.

NOTE: The photos are intended to point out the beauty of the beach without the vehicle’s tire tracks-hence the “tireless” quote-hoping that folks would understand NOT to disrupt the sands/habitat-rather use the time being a steward-or at least respect Islanders that actually spend time cleaning up those very sands of marine debris etc-

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