Fishers Fishing Derby 2017

The Fishing Derby is back!

Mark your calendars SUNDAY, JULY 23 1:00-3:30

Meet at the Goose Island dock by the Yacht Club
anytime from 12:45 on.

A few changes to the rules this year:

  • No fishing farther than 3 miles off of Fishers shores
  • The fee is $20 cash per rod or hand caught line
  • And……drum roll……..the prize will go to the legal largest fish of any kind caught. Due to the lack of stripers last year and everyone getting skunked we thought we’d try this.
  • The prize will once again be 1/2 the pot with the remainder going to the Union Chapel’s “fuel assistance program” which helps FI residents keep their houses warm in the winter.

Refreshments will be available at 3:30 pm provided by the Sportsmen’s Club.

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