FIDCO Letter re: Traffic Accident May 2018

June 1st, 2018

Dear Fishers Islanders:

Unfortunately, there was a serious East End traffic accident over Memorial Day weekend. The driver of the vehicle was alone and lucky to walk away with only some bumps and bruises. The vehicle was totally destroyed in a rollover which also resulted in damage to Island infrastructure.

Please do your part to keep the roads safe:

  • do obey the 30 MPH speed limit on the Main Road and 15 MPH on the dirt roads
  • don’t drive while distracted
  • don’t text and drive
  • don’t drive impaired or overly tired Most accidents can be

As a reminder, please see FIDCO policy below:


Safety on our roads remains our foremost concern. Over the last several years, there has been a concerted effort to create a safer environment on the Island. The Recreational Path, speed bumps at the Gate and the Club, and improved signage have made a big difference. Nevertheless, we continue to have periodic accidents, which often involve speeding or driving under the influence of alcohol.

FIDCO and the New York State Police will continue to monitor traffic on the East End roads. However, we need everyone’s cooperation when it comes to obeying the STOP signs and adhering to the 30 mph speed limit on the main road and 15 mph speed limit on the dirt roads. Excessive speeding and/or reckless driving on FIDCO roads will result in a warning letter and may lead to having your East End driving privileges revoked. I also would ask residents whose driveways cross the Recreational Path to be particularly careful as you turn onto the main road. A few close calls with bikers and pedestrians were reported over the last few summers, so please be vigilant. Also, motorists and cyclists are now expected to come to a complete stop at the Gate House crossings in order to improve safety at this particularly dangerous and congested intersection of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Please take the time to remind your family members and guests of our traffic rules and regulations and lead by example. PLEASE SLOW DOWN.


P.B. Weymouth III

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