FIC Demo Documented

After several years of preparation, the day came for the demolition of most of the FIC building to make way for the planned new facility.

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Photos by Jane T. Ahrens

Pre-Demo Readiness (photos taken Sunday, December 4, 2016)

The building was stripped of certain materials, some parts were taken for repurposing, and the right side to be demolished was separated from the left side to remain.

Today is the Day! Tuesday, December 6 – morning images

John Ski was on hand to take the first swipe at the demo that morning  –  43 years after he oversaw the demolition of the previous stone FIC main building. John’s son Jim Ski, owner of Ski Construction, carried on from there.

Tuesday, December 6 – afternoon images

The pro shop was gone and next was the office, front hall and into the living room before the day was done. As Jim worked his way through the building he also used the excavator to ‘chew up’ the demolished material for hauling.

Wednesday, December 7

A gloomy day which actually helped keep the dust down and much progress was made!

Thursday, December 8 – Day 3

Lots of progress with the living room and dining room gone.

Friday, December 9 – Day 4 – Done and done!

And, for the grand finale…

Video by Tiggy Ski

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