FI School Wind Energy Exploration and Conversation Invitation

Fishers Island Union Free School District
PO Box 600
Fishers Island, New York 06390

April 2018

Dear Community Members,

We are writing to invite you to a public information session on the viability of wind energy to help meet the energy demands of the Fishers Island School. This invitation is being extended to our broad community to demonstrate our strong desire to work in partnership with from the very beginning of our exploration of wind energy as an alternative energy source. As we wish to work in partnership with the FI Utility Company, we’ve invited Chris Finan, Jay Cushing, and the members of the private Utility Board as well as the Waste Management Board who has also expressed interest in researching this option.

We have scheduled the Wind Energy Exploration and Conversation for Friday, April 13, 2018 at 4:45-6:30 PM in the Fishers Island School music room. Trevor Atkinson of Northern Power Systems will be conducting the presentation and responding to questions with members of the Northern Power Systems team.

The Board of Education recently asked Superintendent Goodwin to reach out to Northern Power Systems headquartered in Barre, Vermont as they have been delivering innovative energy solutions and technologies for more than forty (40) years. Northern Power Systems has worked with both public and private entities and has connected with many kinds and sizes of grids. At the Board’s request, they have conducted an initial evaluation of our island’s potential for a NPS100 wind turbine and have identified a location on FI Waste Management’s current Compost Station property as a potentially viable site.


Jamie Doucette, FIUFSD Board of Education President
William Bloethe, FIUFSD Board of Education Vice-President

FIS Grid Interconnection w/ Northern Power

NPS Northern Power NPS 100C-24

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