FI Ferry District Considers Request from New London Fishermen

The Fishers Island Ferry District has received a request by New London Seafood Distributors for permission to utilize the Fishers Island ferry dock for the purpose of unloading and transporting prepackaged seafood to the New London FI Ferry Terminal.

New London Seafood Distributors is a New London, CT based fishing company. They are asking to work with the Ferry District to offload their New York catch on the way to their homeport of New London, CT. Their fleet of stern trawlers operate in Long Island Sound, Block Island Sound, and the Atlantic up to 50 miles offshore.

This request comes as a result of the fishing industry quotas and state regulations and would allow the fishing captains to unload their New York catch in an alternate location to Montauk.

To learn more please refer to the attached ‘request for permission’ letter from New London Seafood Distributors dated January 20, 2018. 

NL Seafood Request Permission Letter

Any opportunity to offset Ferry operating costs should be considered. As such, the Ferry District is holding a trial period from March 12 – April 2 to evaluate this as a potential revenue opportunity.

“We are aware of our Silver Eel Cove neighbors anticipated concerns with regard to noise, lights, idling and use of the dock. We have been assured by New London Seafood Distributors that impact will be minimal. Pier time is estimated to take 30-40 minutes or less. The average unloading will be of 10-15 60# cartons. These cartons will be placed in cubic yard coolers and transported by the Ferry on regularly scheduled trips.” ~ Geb Cook, Fishers Island Ferry District Manager

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