FI Ferry conducts Shipboard Damage Control Training

Fishers Island students Nick Hall and Ian Tirabassi

Another demonstration of the Fishers Island Ferry District’s commitment to safety and professionalism took place on Tuesday, May 1 when Fishers Island Ferry hosted shipboard damage control training given by US Coast Guard Commercial Fishing Vessel Examiner and Inspector Ms. Kyra Dwyer.

Senior Deckhands Dan Egan & Ryan Healy

The training encompassed a discussion of vessel stability principals and theory, how to assess and creatively utilize available materials to minimize damage and flooding through piping systems and or hull breaches.

Many were surprised that a 2″ hole 1′ below the water line would allow 79 gallons per minute to enter a boat. And at 2′ below the waterline it would allow 111 gallons per minute!

This discussion was followed up and re-enforced by practical demonstrations and active crew participation utilizing a portable vessel damage simulator. The training exercise was well received and a large cross section of the crew attended.

As an added bonus Nick Hall and Ian Tirabassi, two FI school students (and boaters) of Mrs Giles’s class participated; the Fishers Ferry crew were very impressed their enthusiasm.

RJ Burns,
Manager, Marine Operations
Fishers Island Ferry District

Nick Hall, Instructor Kyra Dwyer, and Ian Tirabassi showing off a succesfull repair of a hull breach.

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