FI Conservancy’s Sunset on the Beach

Fishers Friends!
See you this Saturday at the Conservancy’s annual ‘Sunset on the Beach’ party!
This year we are incredibly grateful to Jeff Carpenter, who has donated his piece “Summer on the Porch” for our raffle. This artwork was painted from the Garp house, just across the water from our party location at Hay Harbor Club. Bring cash for raffle tickets!
If you have yet to purchase tickets or make an annual gift, you can do so through the link below:
And here are some fun ways to get your family involved…
Will you be the first person to catch an American Mink on camera or video here on the island?
Wondering what that bird was…or that creepy slug? Send an email with a pic to our on island Naturalist, Justine Kibbe at for an answer!
How many pieces of trash or balloons can you and your family pick up on your next trip to the beach? Have you taught your children about the harmful effects of balloons?
Please help us in supporting this vital organization so that we can ensure our future generations will enjoy Fishers as much as we do!

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