FI Community Center’s 2016 Turkey Trot

And they are off!
And they are off!

Thanksgiving morning the 6th Annual Turkey Trot drew over 125 early risers – mostly 3 milers and a lot more kids this year than in the past. They were split evenly with runners and walkers. 1 mile winners in each bracket received a gift certificate, and the 3 milers received a jug of delicious maple syrup!

ficc-turkey-trot-jtahrens-dsc_0079-660sqMore families are making this a holiday tradition each year!

Thank you to the Turkey Trot race sponsors and their support of the Community Center!


18 & Under 1 Mile:      Female: Caroline Toldo    Male: Benjamin Damon
30 & Under 1 Mile:     Female: Eliza Chapman   Male: none
50 & Under 1 Mile:     Female: Mimi Gary            Male: Zeb Scoville
70 & Under 1 Mile:     Female: Diane Crary         Male: David Hoch
Over 70 1 Mile:            Female: Kathy Posey         Male: Ken Edwards 

18 & Under 3 Mile:     Female: Josie Strife           Male: Walker Reid
30 & Under 3 Mile:    Female: Hannah Suebens  Male: Zach Hoch
50 & Under 3 Mile:    Female: Fe Ahrens              Male: Chip Pollard
70 & Under 3 Mile:    Female: Maisie Pollard     Male: John Blondel
Over 70 3 Mile:           Female: Anita Fritze           Male: none 

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Photos by JTAhrens

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