Ferry District 2-way Passenger Tickets (how to exchange old tickets by 10/1)

NOTE: Old tickets and ticket books can be exchanged one for one at the New London terminal until 10/1/2018 at which date they will be expired.

Exchangeable tickets are the Full books or individual tickets from the older colored stapled ticket books, (not the Blue & White tickets).

These may be exchanged before 10/1/18

Tickets will be exchanged on a one for one, PEAK exchange for PEAK, OFF PEAK exchange for OFF PEAK.

Due to accounting and IT matters processing can only be accomplished on Sundays.

To exchange tickets:
1) On or before October 1, deliver old tickets to the New London Ferry Terminal in an envelope with your name on it. Or,
(a) If on Island, you may drop the envelope at the FI Ferry terminal/freight office.
(b) If not on Island, you may mail them to FI Ferry District, PO Box 607, Fishers Island, NY 06390
2) In all cases, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope in which your replacement tickets will be returned to you.

UPDATE April 30, 2018: The Ferry District brought back two-way passenger ticketing on October 1, 2017. All passenger ticket pricing remains the same, and there is no pricing change for autos. See the complete policy below.

To: All Fishers Island Ferry Customers

Re: Change in Ticket Policy Effective October 1, 2017

Passenger Tickets: New London – Fishers Island

  • Passengers purchasing round-trip passage at the New London Terminal will be issued one ticket. One half of the ticket will be taken by the deckhand at New London. The remaining half returned to the passenger for use on their return trip from the Island.
  • Round trips only originate from New London.
  • Seasonal and residential pricing is as posted.

Passenger Tickets: Fishers Island – New London

  • Passengers from Fishers Island will present the second half of the round-trip ticket to the deckhand for return passage.

Vehicle Tickets

  • Vehicle Tickets will be taken at New London only. An auto ticket is not required for return travel.

One Way Travel

  • Passengers who do NOT possess a ticket will be directed to a kiosk found at either terminal or a reservation desk, to purchase a One Way Ticket.
  • A One-way passenger ticket costs $15 regardless of seasonal pricing or residential status.

Commuter Books

  • Commuter books will still be offered at a 10% discount.

FI School Students

  • Fishers Island School students (K-12) will provide a ticket to a deckhand for passage to the island each school day. A school ID only, is required for their return trip.
  • Visiting team members attending a FI School sporting event will receive one round-trip ticket per day.

   Old tickets and ticket books can be used until 10/1/2018 at which date they will be expired.              

The Fishers Island Ferry District reserves the right to amend the Ticketing Policy at any time.


Ferry Ticketing Policy effective 10/1/17

Questions may be directed to District Manager Geb Cook at gcook@fiferry.com

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