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January 8, 2019     Chloe Rose van Hengel ‘Coco’ to Peter & Stephanie van Hengel

February 7, 2019    Wilhelmina Vauclain Waldin ‘Winnie’ to Casey Cook & Erik Waldin

March 1, 2019        Robert Dixon Hopkins Harvey IV ‘Dixon’ to Steph Casella & Bobby Harvey

March 7, 2019        Anne Neville Ahrens ‘Nevi’ to Fe & Ted Ahrens

March 13, 2019      Caecilia Grace Taylor-Goedman to Charlotte Taylor & Menno Goedman

March 21, 2019     Pippa James McGeeney to Julie and Michael McGeeney

March 28, 2019     Robert Bradford Taylor ‘Bobby’ to Liz Burnham & Will Taylor

March 29, 2019     Emmet Mandler Barnett to Lilly Rand & Isaac Barnett

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