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January 13, 2017       Logan Ferguson Briggs to Alex and Brett-Ashley Briggs

February 13, 2017     Elizabeth Jane ‘Ellie’ Morgan to John and Megan Morgan

February 18, 2017     Daisy Lee Malinowski to Pete and Ghislaine Malinowski

March 19, 2017          Harlan Barrows Roberts ‘Harry’ Hall to Chester and Sarah Hall

March 24, 2017         Zander Parker Pierce to Marilyn Mullen Pierce & Brad Pierce

March 29, 2017         Cooper Scott Lamb to Ari and Scott Lamb

April 5, 2017              Charles Augustus ‘Gus’ Garcelon to Sofie Malinowski Garcelon and Travis Garcelon

April 9, 2017              Lincoln Rand Barnett to Lilly Rand Barnett & Isaac Barnett

April 14, 2017            Lucy Aurelia Horn to Aly Cochrane & Sam Horn

April 19, 2017            Gunnison Grey Beardsley to Kate Shillo Beardsley & Nicholas Beardsley

April 29, 2017            Hadley Ann Dillman to Brittany Murray Dillman & Sam Dillman

May 10, 2017              Elinor Holloway Taylor to Liz Burnham & Will Taylor

May 10, 2017              Talon Whitney Scoville to Sarah Graves Scoville & Avery Scoville

May 16, 2017              Harper Lynn Skinner to Danielle Murray Skinner & Matt Skinner

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