BIRTHS: 2016

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January 15, 2016      Luke Scott Montaldo to Abbe Grimes Montaldo and Scott Montaldo

February 19, 2016    Elizabeth Grace ‘Lizzy’ Hoggard to Cate Guimaraes and Rick Hoggard

February 22, 2016   Porter Nathaniel Smith to Elizabeth Porter and Gabriel Smith

March 24, 2016        William Houghton Lucey to Kate Harris Lucey and Pat Lucey

March 26, 2016        Izabella Mae Simmons to Katie Lamb Simmons and DJ Simmons

April 6, 2016            Morgan Elizabeth Pagnini to Megan Britt and Greg Pagnini

April 16, 2016          Celeste Virginia Farrar to Isabelle Kinsolving Farrar and Jonathan Farrar

May 3, 2016             Eloise Geddes Andrews to Alex Parsons Andrews and Mark Andrews

May 10, 2016           Thomas Dowling Finnesey to Katie Doherty Finnesey and Russ Finnesey

May 27, 2016           Kennedy Elizabeth Britt to Lisa and Ned Britt

September 28, 2016     Oliver Read Douthit to Annie Taylor Douthit and Drew Douthit

October 27, 2016          Walker Russell Cook to Crosby and Dinah Cook

November 17, 2016      Robert Green ‘Ruzzie’ Taylor-Goedman to Charlotte Taylor and Menno Goedman

November 22, 2016     Charles Hunter ‘Charlie’ Lamere to Randolph Hunter Lamere and Sara Merrihew Lamere

November 22, 2016     Kathryn Adele Miller to Dorsey Harris Miller and Doug Miller

December 29, 2016     Finley Dunseth Carroll to Kevin and Gillian Carroll

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