Are you interested in seeing a Counselor on Fishers Island?

The ICB and the Islanders for Islanders Fund are excited to announce that we have received several applications of qualified counselors interested in expanding their practice to Fishers Island.

However, in order to proceed with hiring a counselor, we need to assess interest here on the island. If you are seriously looking for counseling and are open to engaging with someone who comes to the island, please contact Candy Whitman at Union Chapel by Thursday, February 15.  All contact will be held in strict confidence.

Cell Phone: (203) 293-5470

If we do not have enough people interested in exploring therapy with a counselor, we will not proceed with hiring a candidate. 

Payment for the therapist would be agreed upon between the therapist and the client according to your insurance policy and his or her rates. The Islanders for Islanders Fund will be providing the therapist with a base hourly fee for travel and time on the island, but it will not cover the full cost of a session. If you need help with paying this counselor, let Candy know.

In terms of visits, we expect that this counselor will come weekly in order to establish a relationship with his or her clients, and then transition to less frequent in-person visits supplemented by Skype or phone sessions.

Again, please let Candy know by February 15 if you are interested in counseling and would like to meet our best candidate.  Thank you!

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