American Legion Post 1045 Monthly Meeting

Post 1045 welcomes all Legionnaires and potential members (wartime veterans) to join us in our monthly meetings on the first Thursday of the month, at 5:30 pm in the Legion Hall.

If you are an eligible veteran associated with Fishers Island, please consider joining the Alfred R. Grebe Post 1045 of the American Legion to support our on-island mission of providing service to veterans, to their families, and to their communities, states, and nation.

Please contact Post Adjutant Tim Patterson or drop by the Post to pick up paperwork to join or transfer your membership. Annual dues are $40 in 2017. Please note that if you join or pay your dues online, you will be automatically assigned to a generic State post based on your address, but Tim can help you transfer to Post 1045 even if you are a seasonal resident.

2017 meetings:
February 2, 5:30
March 2, 5:30

April 6, 5:30
May 4, 5:30
June 1, 5:30

July 6, 5:30
August 3, 5:30
Sept 7, 5:30
Oct 5, 5:30
Nov 2, 5:30
Dec 7, 5:30 (Postponed for FI School Concert)

Liz Burnham
Commander, Post 1045
(607) 279-0178
Tim Patterson
Post Adjutant, Post 1045
(860) 908-0686

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