Accessing NL Ferry Terminal during Sailfest 2015

Sailfest-New-London-2015-515SQStreets in New London’s downtown area will be closed for the Sailfest event commencing at 6:00 am on Saturday, July 11. They will remain closed to traffic until the event concludes late in the afternoon on Sunday, July 12. If fireworks were to be postponed due to weather Saturday night, the streets would remain closed later into the evening on Sunday, July 12, the rain date for fireworks. The delay would be decided by noon on Saturday.  (FI Ferry District’s New London Lot is open to the public Saturday evening for fireworks viewing. Please read the note at the bottom of this page regarding parking overnight.)

From the Sailfest Event Committee:

The new traffic pattern will bring your patrons to the Fishers Island ferry terminal via Atlantic Street.

  • Ferry traffic should travel on Eugene O’Neil Drive and turn left onto Atlantic Street.
  • At the intersection of Atlantic Street at Water Street, turn right into a designated travel lane that has been established bringing traffic past the train station to the enterance of your terminal facility.
  • Exit traffic shall be north on Water Street from your facility past train station in a marked travel lane.

South Water Street is only accessible via this same route and will become two-way traffic specifically for event vendors. South Water will be closed to all traffic on the Bank Street connector. Additionally, signage will be posted on O’Neil Drive at Atlantic Street for Fishers Island Ferry terminal and vendor entrance to Bank Street.



PLEASE NOTE from the Fishers Island Ferry District: Due to the crowds associated with Sailfest fireworks (particularly Saturday night) we do not recommend parking overnight in the Ferry District’s New London terminal lot. Our parking lot is opened to the public for fireworks viewing. Please make alternate arrangements.


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