Meet the Community

Learn how everyone arrived on Island, what ‘hats’ they wear, and what Fishers means to them.  Please join them (and others) on this Meet the Community page by contacting – the more the merrier!  Check back to see more.

Harry Parker

Trustee: The Lighthouse Works
Community Scholarship Fund Committee Member
Union Chapel Search Committee Member

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Jim Reid

Real Estate Broker: Mystic Isle Realty
Committee Member: The “Yale Project”
Committee Member: Hay Harbor Tennis

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Mélie T. Spofford

Board Member: FIDCO
Chairman: Fishers Island Cemetery Committee
Fog Horn Contributor: Monthly Gardening Column

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Meg Atkin

Teacher: Fishers Island School, Second Grade
Member: Island Community Board, Year-round Representative
Real Estate Agent: Mystic Isle Realty
Board Member: Friends of the Fishers Island Theater
Board Member: Island People’s Project (IPP)

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