2017 Osprey Fledgling Count

Money Pond | Photo by Jim Reid

Active Nests July 11, 2017














Witnesses to the 2017 Count:
Lori Swenson
Liza and Genie Trevor
Ken Edwards Sr.
Mary Denny Wray

Once again, thank you to Jim Reid, for checking all the nests with his drone.

Additional thanks go to the efforts of Race Rock Garden Company, The Fishers Island Electric Company, and the Ferguson Museum. We are happy to announce that this is another banner year for our Fishers Island Ospreys! This year the island has the most fledglings we have ever had. It is also important to note that we had three separate nests each containing three fledglings. It looks as if next year will be even better as new birds have been seen on the Parker and Harris sites. In addition, others are trying to build on two electric poles.

Respectfully submitted by Ken Edwards Sr. for The Ferguson Museum

2016 Osprey Fledgling Count

West Harbor nest, near the 3 sisters. | Photo by Jim Reid

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